How to get Shopify SEO right ?

How to get Shopify SEO right ?

I am adding this important article due to the challenges faced by most Shopify store owners. Following these steps is crucial to the success of your store, Please take this very seriously and follow each and every step. SEO Takes time to show, we are talking weeks, so the sooner you start the better. Be Patient and don’t expect instant results. We spoke about keywords, now is the time to use them. I’ll show you how.

  • Your product has a title - Keep it short with no more than 5 words, containing the Keyword in a long tail format (example “Posture Corrector For Men/Women). That's it.
  • If the Keyword in a long tail format is too short, go to Google, type the phrase you have and see what Google recommends as auto complete.
  • Add the next word that is ranked highest and makes sense. The title should be clear and to the point without overloading, it doesn’t look professional.
  • Once your title is ready, it's time to move to the description. The description should include what is called H1 Heading, you can select this option from the drop down options of the text editor, marked with A, next to the “Bold “option.
  • This is how it looks with an H1 heading.

  • The text you use for the H1 heading will be crawled by Google and indexed so it should be used wisely, use either your keyword or the solution that your products provide.

  • As for the rest of the text in the description section, add your keywords in several locations without over doing it. Also use variations of this keyword (For example, “ This Posture correction device is comfortable and durable”-Do so in BOLD font.
  • Use bullet points, they are easier to read .Mention what the Benefits are before drilling into the features (For example, this Posture correction device can be worn for hours a day due to the breathable cloth that is made of organic cotton”.
  • Moving to the most important section of your product’s listing, the SEO section (SEO Listing preview on the bottom)

  • This section is not supposed to be as readable as the listing itself, so you can add more keywords to the title, and use all 70 characters allowed. Add more keywords (For example “Posture Corrector For Men/Women Posture Correcting Device Comfortable Durable Soft”.
  • Leave space on the title for the SEO symbol “|”, and add your store’s name after this separator. This separating line is called “Pipe".
  • Also, edit the description section as it is much shorter and will be cut after 320 words. Use the most important ones and cut the fluff.
  • The perfect title should look like this

Posture Corrector For Men/Women Posture Correcting Device | <StoreName>

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