What is CJ Dropshipping ?



Product sourcing for your online dropshipping store is the most crucial step for the success of your business. And with the popularity of online shopping, there are multiple options from where you can find suitable products. One of them is CJ dropshipping. In this article, we are going to discuss some important aspects of CJ dropshipping to help you get started.

CJ dropshipping is an efficient solution for dropshippers and product suppliers. It also allows you to integrate multiple online stores such as Shopify, eBay, WeD2C, Shopee Store, or Lazada. They also offer an automatic order processing system.

Is CJ dropshipping legit?

Yes, CJ dropshipping is 100% legit. They offer a wide range of products at competitive prices and fast delivery. Its 4.8 stars rating speaks volumes about its credibility and quality services. If you are planning to launch a store, you should consider CJ dropshipping for product sourcing.

Is CJ dropshipping free?

Yes, CJ dropshipping is free. Unlike most platforms that charge a monthly fee, CJ dropshipping fulfills an unlimited number of orders free of cost. Besides, you can also store your products in their warehouse without any registration fee.

How do I use CJ dropshipping?

Following are basic steps that will help you in getting started with CJ dropshipping.

  •     Create an online account
  •     If you have an online store, authorize it and list your products. Sync your orders and      start rolling.
  •    If you do not have an online store, you can also manually order your favorite products.
  •   After your order is placed, CJ dropshipping also allows you to track it.

Is CJ dropshipping better than AliExpress?

Both CJ dropshipping and AliExpress are famous names in the world of dropshipping. There are multiple differences between the two and the choice depends on personal preferences. We have compared the key features of both platforms so you can easily filter your requirements and make your decision.

  1.   AliExpress is a user-friendly platform. It is very easy to find and compare sellers on it. On the other hand, CJ dropshipping can be a bit complicated for new users. This is because it offers multiple features that are not applicable for simple buyers.
  2.   AliExpress is a lot more versatile than CJ dropshipping. This is because AliExpress serves as a connection between sellers and buyers so it has sellers from all over the world. Whereas, CJ dropshipping offers not more than 2.5 lac products. Therefore, if you are newly starting and want to experiment with different products, AliExpress is your way to go.
  3.   If you are looking for budget-friendly product sourcing, CJ dropshipping is a better option for you. This is because they offer products at competitive prices. Whereas, on AliExpress, you can find the same product at a variety of prices. Most of them are resellers so they must keep their profit and account costs in mind as well.
  4.   Shipping is an important factor that one should keep in mind while shopping online. While AliExpress has multiple sellers offering free deliveries, their delivery timings are very long. On the other hand, CJ dropshipping offers fast delivery at a comparatively high price.
  5.   When it comes to payment options, CJ dropshipping is way better than AliExpress. CJ offers 8 different payment methods and you can choose one according to your feasibility. On the other hand, payment methods at AliExpress depend on the seller you choose.  There is a high chance that your preferred payment method is not accepted in the seller’s country. Therefore, you also have to keep this factor in mind while searching for the product.

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